Purple Bull’s super good fortune this season is coming at a price.

Damaged trophies.

For the second one week in a row, Max Verstappen’s first-place trophy fell to the bottom, stuck up in a victory birthday party. Whilst Verstappen’s first-place trophy on the Hungarian Grand Prix used to be stuck up in Lando Norris’s trademark champagne pop, this time it used to be caused by way of the crew’s personal birthday party.

Purple Bull introduced the crew in combination to take the standard post-race image, however because the crew raced in opposition to the cameras and the champagne and Purple Bull started to fly, the trophy used to be stuck up within the motion:

The perpetrator? The board marking Sergio Pérez’s second-place end.

From this attitude, shared by way of the crew themselves, you’ll be able to see Verstappen wheel round and observation: “It’s damaged once more!”

Seems like but extra trophy upkeep are of their long run.

Then again, you’ll be able to guess it is a drawback 9 different groups would really like to have.


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