Believe this: You could have simply arrived within the stunning Peruvian Andes, which is stuffed with majestic mountains, mysterious ruins, and colourful cultures. 

The dimensions of Peru’s high-altitude websites in reality takes your breath away as you’re making your adventure as much as the dizzying heights of Machu Picchu or the breathtaking great thing about Cusco. A perilous risk for the reckless traveler, altitude illness might briefly turn out to be your adventure right into a nightmare. 

This weblog dives into all you want to learn about altitude illness in Peru, offering insightful data and sensible recommendation to make your commute to Peru’s excessive areas a breath of unpolluted air in each means.

Here’s an summary:

What’s altitude illness?

Vacationers who commute to excessive altitudes, comparable to Cusco, Arequipa, Colca Canyon or Puno, the place the air drive and oxygen ranges are a lot decrease, might revel in altitude illness, recurrently referred to as acute mountain illness (AMS). 

Your frame will get much less oxygen at excessive altitudes, which is able to purpose plenty of signs, from minor discomfort to critical illness. Even supposing no longer everyone seems to be in danger, it’s crucial to grasp the clinical results of altitude illness as a result of serious circumstances can also be unhealthy.

The vast majority of vacationers in Peru who get altitude illness are those that arrive by means of aircraft from a location with higher temperatures and decrease altitude. The surprising adjustments in altitude and temperature, the place the air is thinner, and it’s less warm, are liable for this.

Go back and forth locations in Peru liable to altitude illness

The varied panorama of Peru varies in altitude from coastal deserts to excessive mountain summits. It could be stress-free to commute to the rustic’s high-altitude areas, nevertheless it’s a very powerful to pay attention to the place altitude illness is much more likely to occur. 

Listed here are a number of puts in Peru the place altitude illness is a possible factor

  • Cusco: You’ll be able to achieve Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley from Cusco, which is positioned round 11,000 toes. (3,400 m) above sea stage. Spend an afternoon or two in Cusco ahead of starting hikes or treks to better altitudes to permit for acclimatization.
  • Machu Picchu: Whilst the Inca fortress is simplest about 7,970 toes (2,430 m) excessive, lots of the hikes and trails that move there have high-altitude facets. If you wish to discover this herbal treasure, a gentle ascent and acclimatization are a very powerful.
  • Arequipa: Sometimes called the “White Town,” Arequipa sits at a peak of round 7,660 toes. (2,335 m). Spend a couple of days adjusting to the altitude ahead of traveling the town or beginning treks to the Colca Canyon.
  • Lake Titicaca: At elevations of as much as 12,500 toes. (3,810 m), Lake Titicaca is the perfect navigable lake on the planet. Be wary of the altitude when visiting the Uros islands or different puts within sight. The best technique for making the commute around the crystal-clear waters remains to be emerging slowly.

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What are the indicators of altitude illness?

The vast majority of vacationers generally revel in signs of altitude illness 6 to 24 hours after ascending over 9,842 toes. (3000 m). The diminished air drive and oxygen ranges may cause a spread of signs.

The next are some vintage indicators of altitude illness

  • Complications
  • Nauseous and dizzy feeling
  • Tiredness
  • Slumbering difficulties
  • Breathing problems
  • Lack of urge for food

Altitude illness incessantly lasts between two and 3 days. That is standard, for the reason that it takes a traveler in Peru about two days to acclimate. On the other hand, there may be all the time some way round an issue. On this state of affairs, cautious making plans is very important.

There are some suggestions to stop altitude illness. The following pointers come from vacationers who’ve visited Peru ahead of and from those that reside within the Peruvian highlands.

Warding off the altitude illness

Lake Humantay in Peru. How to avoid altitude sickness.
Lake Humantay in Peru. The right way to keep away from altitude illness.

Your high-altitude stories in Peru don’t need to be impaired by means of altitude illness. You’ll be able to scale back menace and entirely benefit from the Andes’ good looks with cautious making plans and smart selections. 

Under are some crucial easy methods to ensure a risk-free and completely satisfied commute.

Take the fitting drugs

The next are one of the vital hottest medicines used to stop and remedy altitude illness and related signs:

  • Altitude illness tablets (e.g., Sorojchi tablets, to be had in Peruvian pharmacies)
  • Acetazolamide, branded as “Diamox,” is used to each save you and remedy excessive altitude illness.
  • Paracetamol with Ibuprofen for Complications
  • Gravol or Promethazine to alleviate nausea.

Each and every pharmacy sells medicines, and the personnel at your resort or hostel can even be capable of help you. 

To stop altitude illness, you will have to take Diamox or Sorojchi tablets 1-2 days previous to ascending to better altitudes. You will have to nonetheless workout warning and building up your altitude regularly moderately than briefly.

Drink Coca Tea or Bite Coca Leaves

Traveler Vinicunca. How to avoid altitude sickness.
Traveler Vinicunca. The right way to keep away from altitude illness.

Within the mountains of Peru, mate de coca, or coca tea, is essentially the most incessantly ate up beverage. You’ll be able to simply get ready coca tea your self. Simply upload some coca leaves to sizzling water, wait a couple of mins, then, if wanted, upload some sweetness.

Vital: In the event you should publish to a drug take a look at to your process, keep away from coca tea. Even though the leaves simplest comprise a tiny quantity of cocaine, a drug take a look at may just nonetheless pop out sure.

Chewing coca leaves is relatively in style amongst others. They declare it is helping them center of attention higher and is part of their tradition. We’ve achieved it on plenty of walks, together with the 5-day Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca commute, and it indubitably helped us.

Moreover, each vacationer store sells coca leaves within the type of cookies or different treats. They’re the best “on-the-go” snack.

Adapt to the altitude regularly

Most often, it takes your frame a couple of days to regulate to the higher altitude. You will have to want two to 3 days to get used to it as a result of this. 

The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu will have to be noticed first after arriving in Cusco as a result of they’re positioned at decrease altitudes. After that, you’ll move on climbing tours, comparable to to Humantay Lake or the Rainbow Mountains.

Usually, you will have to keep away from ascending upper than 984–1,640 toes. (300–500 m) on a daily basis and take a break day each 1,968–2,952 toes. (600–900 m), or each 3–4 days.

This Perfect of Cusco in 4 Days Excursion supplies all of that during one excursion. To find extra main points on the backside of the item.

E-book at once with the excursion operator

Devour low-fat dishes and keep away from fatty foods

Lomo saltado. How to avoid altitude sickness.
Lomo saltado. The right way to keep away from altitude illness.

Nice low-fat meals come with soups, rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, fruit, and poultry, which give your frame with the power it calls for. A high-carb nutrition has been confirmed to make stronger temper and is a brilliant strategy to save you altitude illness. On the other hand, range it up and upload lean protein, comparable to rooster, and a few wholesome fat, comparable to avocado or almonds.

As a result of they take much less oxygen to your metabolism than fats and protein do, carbohydrates are superb for you.

Keep away from consuming anything else creamy or salty as a result of those meals take longer to your frame to digest. For example, consuming salty meals will make you lose water out of your frame extra briefly.

Because of the altitude, many vacationers revel in a loss of urge for food after arriving. They devour as much as 40% much less energy than standard because of this. Subsequently, although you don’t really feel hungry, it’s a very powerful that you just devour sufficient meals while you get for your vacation spot.

Different tricks to keep away from altitude illness

Listed here are any other guidelines that you just will have to practice to keep away from the altitude illness in Peru:

  • Drink a large number of water: Upload 1.5 l for your day-to-day utilization, as holding your frame hydrated is essential.
  • Keep away from alcohol and don’t do strenuous actions: It’s beneficial to keep away from alcohol, smoking, and tasty in strenuous bodily process within the first 24 – 48 hours. 
  • Get Agua de Florida: It’s a tiny bottle of herbal-infused yellow fragrance. This one is helping if you’re experiencing problem with altitude, complications, or respiring problems. Breathing in it is regarded as to be useful. 
  • Purchase Oxishot: A small dischargeable known as Oxishot has as much as 8 l of oxygen in it. It reduces your complications, weariness, and respiring difficulties. 

Acute Mountain Illness (AMS) and Power Mountain Illness (CMS)

Acute Mountain Illness (AMS) and Power Mountain Illness (CMS) are other manifestations of sickness that may happen with publicity to excessive altitude.

Acute mountain illness is fast and typically happens inside a couple of hours of ascending to altitudes above 2,500 metres (about 8,000 toes). The indications are described above.

Then again, persistent mountain illness, sometimes called Monge’s illness, is a long-term sickness that develops over years of dwelling at excessive altitudes. It’s characterised by means of an overproduction of crimson blood cells in accordance with the extended loss of oxygen related to dwelling at excessive altitudes. This ends up in a situation referred to as polycythemia, which thickens the blood and can result in pulmonary high blood pressure, middle failure and different critical headaches.

Power Mountain Illness (CMS)

Power Mountain Illness (CMS), or Monge’s illness, is the frame’s adaptive reaction to long-term publicity to excessive altitude. The important thing physiological reaction in CMS is a situation known as polycythemia, the place the frame overproduces crimson blood cells in an try to elevate extra oxygen to the tissues.

Whilst this will appear recommended, it will increase the viscosity (thickness) of the blood, making it more difficult for the center to pump blood right through the frame.

Over the years, this higher workload at the middle can result in critical headaches, comparable to:

  • Proper-sided middle failure: The suitable aspect of the center, which is liable for pumping blood to the lungs for oxygen, can turn into enlarged and weakened through the years because of the higher drive required to push blood in the course of the lungs.
  • Pulmonary high blood pressure: Greater blood viscosity can result in hypertension within the lungs’ arteries, affecting customary respiring.
  • Stroke: Thicker, slower-moving blood will increase the danger of blood clots, which is able to purpose a stroke if a clot blocks an artery within the mind.
  • Strange bleeding: Even supposing uncommon, some sufferers with persistent mountain illness might revel in odd bleeding because of adjustments in blood clotting mechanisms.

As CMS impacts more than one organ programs, sufferers might also revel in non-specific signs comparable to fatigue, dizziness and diminished bodily staying power. As CMS progresses, sufferers might increase cyanosis (blue or pink coloring of the outside) because of deficient oxygen supply to the frame’s tissues.

It’s necessary to notice that CMS is an antagonistic response to excessive altitude and isn’t skilled by means of everybody who lives in such prerequisites. Some populations are genetically tailored to dwelling at excessive altitudes and don’t increase CMS. Clinical intervention, together with centered medicine and recommendation on way of life adjustments, can assist those that are adversely affected.

Private revel in with altitude illness

Each and every 12 months, we spend a considerable amount of our time in high-altitude places, comparable to Puno, Cusco, Arequipa or Huaraz. Because of this, we’re neatly conscious about the significance of having used to the altitude and find out how to save you it. 

What for my part helped us essentially the most had been the next issues:

  • Take Soroche tablets 1-2 days ahead of flying out to excessive puts.
  • Drink a large number of water and coca tea to stay the indicators low. 
  • Don’t devour a large number of carbs, and keep away from strenuous process/excursions for the primary 24 – 48 hours.  

Everybody reacts otherwise to puts positioned at excessive altitudes, nevertheless it’s crucial to take the fitting measures to keep away from spending your vacations for your resort room or on the clinic. 

Couple at Machu Picchu - exploor Peru. How to avoid altitude sickness.
Couple at Machu Picchu – exploor Peru. The right way to keep away from altitude illness.

Altitude illness items a barrier when exploring Peru’s high-altitude treasures, which might be a excitement to find. To make your commute more secure and extra fulfilling, remember those necessary courses:

  • Slow ascent and acclimatization are your highest allies.
  • Stay your self hydrated, make sensible meals alternatives, and search clinical recommendation when essential.
  • Don’t push your barriers, and be aware of your frame.

In the event you imagine all of those issues, then you’ll uncover our Perfect of Cusco in 4 days excursion with none doubts and problems with altitude illness.

4 Days: Perfect of Cusco

This superb 4-day Machu Picchu excursion provides you with a novel and shiny revel in of Cusco’s nature, native tradition, historical past, structure and the improbable New Marvel of the Global.

Get able for 4 unforgettable locations in simply 4 days: Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain and Lake Titicaca.

The professional guides will be sure to keep away from the crowds and uncover the most efficient spots for shocking images.

You’ll be able to select to commute in a small team (max 8 folks) or on a non-public excursion. Some other great choice is that you’ll want to e-book your personal lodging or let this be achieved by means of the Exploor group (2-5 celebrity choices to make a choice from).

Key advantages of this excursion choice

  • Discover the wonders of Machu Picchu with a professional information who has led over 1000 excursions.
  • Embark on our intimate team tours with 2-8 fellow adventurers (or go for an unique non-public excursion), making sure early get entry to to the websites and fending off massive crowds.
  • Enjoy impeccable making plans and execution as they’re proud to be seasoned pros within the box, known with a exceptional 95% Excellence ranking on TripAdvisor.

Worth: from USD 839 consistent with particular person

Rainbow Mountain in Peru with exploor Peru.
Rainbow Mountain in Peru with exploor Peru.

Cusco itinerary

Day 1: Sacred Valley – Immerse your self in an original excursion of the Valley’s must-see ruins

You’ll be picked you up at round 6:45 am to start out exploring the principle websites of the Sacred Valley. You’ll consult with puts comparable to Moray, the Maras salt mines, Ollantaytambo, in addition to preventing at a standard chicheria to pattern Inca beer and an area textile middle.

On the finish of this enriching excursion, you’ll have two choices: go back to Cusco or proceed directly to Aguas Calientes, the place you’ll consult with Machu Picchu day after today.

Lunch is incorporated, and also you’ll keep in a single day in both Cusco or Aguas Calientes.

Day 2: Machu Picchu – Uncover this marvel of the sector with our a professional information

Embark on a captivating 2 hour guided excursion of a very powerful spaces throughout the Machu Picchu ruins. Find out about its attention-grabbing historical past and immerse your self in Inca tradition as your information unveils exceptional buildings that show off historic knowledge at its best.

As soon as your exploration is entire, you’ll be transfered again to Cusco for some other evening.

Day 3: Rainbow Mountain – Enjoy Vinicunca with out the crowds

Get started early to revel in some quiet moments on the most sensible of the Andes! Wonder on the colourful colours of Rainbow Mountain, with its breathtaking crimson landscapes, and meet llamas and alpacas alongside the best way. Your small team (additionally the personal excursions) promises exclusivity by means of making sure you might be a number of the first to succeed in the summit.

Breakfast and lunch are incorporated. In a single day in Cusco.

Day 4: Lake Humantay – Benefit from the turquoise lake ahead of the massive teams arrive

Located at an altitude of 4200m, this hidden gem is surrounded by means of majestic glacier mountains that supply breathtaking perspectives. After a 1.5-2 hour hike, you’ll be one of the crucial fortunate vacationers to benefit from the tranquil great thing about the turquoise Humantay Lake with the snow-capped Mt. Humantay as a backdrop.

Breakfast and lunch are incorporated. In a single day in Cusco.

E-book at once with the excursion operator

Great to have:

  • Front, educate and trip bus tickets for Machu Picchu are incorporated.
  • Trekking poles, first assist package and oxygen for the treks incorporated.
  • Vegetarian and vegan choices are to be had.

Essentially the most exceptional side of opting for Exploor is the overcome the crowds. You’re making some extent of having up early to be a number of the first to discover your locations. Given the present acclaim for Peru, this way in point of fact transforms your revel in. Plus, smaller teams come up with extra flexibility right through your journey.

  • Exploor Peru

    Having crafted distinctive commute stories for over 7 years, Exploor Peru is your one-stop store for Peru travels. Staying in tree homes within the Amazon jungle, climbing with alpacas to a local people within the Andes or making an attempt the normal dish “Pachamanca” cooked underground are one of the vital issues we provide. With over 20,000 vacationers and greater than 1100 5-star evaluations on TripAdvisor, you’ll relaxation confident that your commute will probably be unforgettable. Exploor Peru is understood for small teams, itineraries that keep away from the crowds and original stories.


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