I’ve the real resolution, from enjoy. I if truth be told, actually now power a 2002 Toyota Echo with 160k miles and peeling paint. The Echo is in fact unpleasant and too slim. However on account of that, you don’t pay the Toyota top class.

Or a minimum of, now not with cash. You pay in dignity. And, perhaps, some pleasure. However in the event you haven’t were given cash, dignity is your foreign money.

That mentioned, it’s stupendously dependable, its tires are not up to $100 a pop, it’s a stick (thank goodness), and it will get smartly over 30 mpg.

Fact be informed, it does develop on you.

Does it have an armrest? Does it have cruise keep an eye on? No, and no. However I will be able to take the hundred greenback expenses I save over using my outdated GTI the 150 mile plus spherical shuttle to paintings I do each and every different day, and simply kind of dab the tears from my eyes. The ones lengthy stretches of freeway had been a waste of GTI pleasure, anyway.

That is the fitting automobile in the event you’re broke. Get the true tangible advantages, and simply smile and personal the truth that you’re broke. It’s goofy sufficient having a look, you cross from disgrace into irony. Put on it with pleasure, for part 1,000,000 miles.


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