The Nissan Altima is, reportedly, death. For many people, that is but every other salvo within the crossover’s ongoing battle in opposition to vintage three-box sedans — a disgrace, however now not any more or less out-of-the-blue tragedy. For a selected staff, despite the fact that, this can be a true horror: Horrible, horrible drivers.

The Nissan Altima is understood all over for the batshit maneuvers pulled by way of its house owners. They’re infrequently noticed in a single piece, however steadily discovered dashing down the freeway at roughly 800 miles according to hour like they’re invincible. The common Altima driving force, and the typical Altima, isn’t certain by way of any regulations of god or guy.

But if the Altima dies, what’s left? What automobile will absorb the mantle of Global’s Worst Drivers? Is there any unmarried make and style that may be triumphant such terror, such horrors unleashed upon American roadways? If this is the case, what?

The straightforward wager is the Rogue, despite the fact that the riding dynamics of one of these giant car might intervene with the standard Altima weaving technique. Honda’s HR-V is a smaller, lighter contender, however I feel its Civic-esque inner is just too great to do Altima Shit in. You’re comfy in an HR-V, and who weaves thru site visitors at 100 once they’re comfy?

Infiniti makes a robust play for the crown — the Vee Cue Boys, of their G35s and G37s, are already the nearest residing relative to the Altima Motive force — however Infiniti’s sedans are too dear. No, I feel every other automobile will take the throne: the Toyota Corolla Go.

It’s inexpensive than the Altima, lighter too, however can also be had in the similar AWD format. Its entrance finish, with its surfeit of black plastic, seems crash-ready proper off the showroom ground. It sort of feels like the easiest successor to the Altima Motive force.

However what else may just take the identify? Do you suppose one of the vital different automobiles I discussed has a greater declare to the throne? Depart your selections within the feedback beneath, and I’ll glance thru them in a few days.


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